The information voluntarily given by the users to the referred page are used by so that the users can have direct and meaningful communication with the electronic store, so that the users can have their questions answered and in the end have their orders delivered.

The information collected by through its webpage is to count the users visiting the site, to determine the demands of the users, and to facilitate the transactions with the Company. will not distribute to any organization or partner the emails or any other information related to its users and customers.

Collecting information designed its webpage so that its users do not have to reveal their identity unless they decide to. Personal information is required if the user wishes to make a purchase or create an account in our electronic store and or send an email to

Information use collects four types of information relating its users:

  1. Information given by the user during his/her enrollment as a customer
  2. Information given by the user in order to carry out his/her order from
  3. Information given by the user to take part in competitions which take place from time to time
  4. Information given by the user to activate telephone and or internet services. During the completion of any order forms in our webpage, your name, surname, address, area postal code, your email, a contact number, information of your credit card, and payment methods will be required. In addition, further information may be required, for example information concerning the delivery of the order, invoice information, or further details regarding the offer the customer has made. uses the information provided during the electronic reply form so as to contact you regarding the following:
    1. The delivery of your order
    2. To confirm and validate the customer in case of an emergency.
    3. For new or alternate products offered by
    4. Special offers by
    5. Activating telephone or internet services
    6. Delivery of gifts following competitions.

You have the right to select if you want to receive information from by sending your request via email at our address

Access to information

For any order transaction personal information regarding delivery is required, information concerning the pick up point. The use of credit / debit card which is required for the order, identification data of the legal owner must be presented to ensure safe transactions.

Any identification data which identifies and states the identity of the customer remains strictly confidential and is checked by the authorized department of The presentation of the personal information implies that the customer agrees to share it with for the above reasons. demands from all its employees and the maintenance staff of its webpage to provide its customers the safety level which is mentioned in the present declaration of personal data protection.

In no other case can share with others the personal information without prior consent of the customer, unless that is demanded by law.

Please keep in mind that under some circumstances it is permitted by law, or by court order, the collection, use and the reveal of personal data which have been collected online without the user’s consent.

Cookies has the ability to use cookies as part of the facilitation and the use of its services through its webpage.

The cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and saved by the computer or the device of the user, allowing webpages like to run seamlessly and without technical anomalies, to collect multiple selections of the user, to identify common users, to facilitate their access, and to collect data to improve the contents of the webpage.

The cookies are placed by webpage servers when a user visits the webpage which uses cookies and can be used to watch the pages the user visited inside the webpage, and to help continue from where the user stopped or to record the preferences of the user, for example choice of language.

The cookies cannot be executed like codes, or be used to transmit viruses and cannot give access to the user’s hard drive. They cannot read any information from the hard drive nor store any cookies there.

In the event the user choses to check or remove the cookies, that can be done from the settings on their internet browser.

In we use cookies to manage the periods of connection, to provide custom webpages of different contents so as to satisfy the specific needs of your interests. Moreover, cookies can be used for anonymous statistics which allows the Company to understand how the users use the webpage and help improve its structure and contents. We cannot disclose the user’s identity from the cookies recovered information. The user can adjust the settings on his/her internet browser so that it can reject some or all the cookies. The user should know that some functions are available only through the use of cookies; these functions may not be available.

The cookies have three categories; the user can click on the cookie title and receive information for it. Some of the cookies used are necessary. They are essential for the right use of the webpage and allow the user to view and use the functions of the webpage. These necessary cookies cannot determine the user’s identity. Without them, we cannot offer an effective use of the webpage. We also use function cookies. These cookies allow the website to remember the preferences of the user, for example name, language or location for improved and personalized functions. They can also be used to provide service needed by the user, like video viewing or use through social media. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymous and cannot track the user’s activity in other webpages. If the user does not accept these cookies than the performance and function of the webpage might be limited in access and content.

Apart from the necessary cookies, there are also performance cookies. These cookies collect information related to the way the user views the webpage, for example which pages the user visits more often and if the user receives message errors by the webpages. These cookies collect sums of anonymous information and do not provide any user information. They are solely used to boost the performance of the webpage.

Cookies cannot damage the computers of the users or the files stored in them. We use cookies to provide faster information and to facilitate the orders of the users, and when the user exits the site the cookies are automatically deleted.

The user must keep in mind that cookies are necessary for the seamless and correct use of the webpage

The cookies are controlled by the Company. Only the Company can have access to them and only the Company can use the information gathered by them to fulfill their purpose.

The Company will not use the information gathered by the cookies for any other purpose other than to improve the browsing experience of the user’s in the webpage.

If the user continues using the webpage, than the user consents to the use of the cookies.

Correction, amendment or deleting information allows the users to correct, alter, fill in or delete data and information provided by

If the user deletes information, will act so that this information is immediately deleted from its records.

To ensure the protection and safety of the user of will try to verify the person who is making the transactions in relation to the user.

To gain access, amend or correct your personal information, to state problems regarding the function of the webpage or make any queries or questions please contact through the webpage or via email at

The change or deletion of personal information can be done through the sign up page of

Please keep in mind that it is possible to protect the user’s personal data, but the protection of the password information is up to the user.

Secure transactions is bound to ensure the safety and the integrity of the data which are collected by the users of the webpage. has adopted procedures which protect the personal data supplied by the users in its page or provided by any other means (for example via the telephone).

These procedures protect the user’s data from any unauthorized disclosure, loss, damage or mal use, change or deletion.

These procedures help certify that the data are accurate and are correctly used.

The user’s connection is safe because of the SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer).

SSL technology is based on a password for encryption of data before being sent through (SSL) connection. The security check between the data and the server is made with a single access key ensuring the integrity of the communication.

The browsers Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari support the SSL protocol and are recommended for the use in

Periodic changes keeps expanding, updating and improving its webpage, its products and services, thus renewing this policy.

We urge the user to read the process in regular time intervals so as to be kept up to date for any recent changes in its contents in Personal Data Security and Electronic Transactions.

This policy will be amended in regular time intervals and without prior notice to the users.

Accept the Procedures for Personal Data Security applied by

If the user uses the current webpage than the user accepts and consents with the present declaration of Personal Data Security as well as the terms and conditions of use of the webpage that have been announced by it.