Performance Built Parts Company is an eshop of performance car parts in Greece founded in 2016, based in Athens, the capital of Greece. Once a customer of Performance Built Parts one can be certain that you are cooperating with a credible Greek company.

Our goal is the best customer care while maintaining the best prices in the market.

Our never ending quest is for a wide variety of premium performance products which meet the demands of any customer.

In order for us to better meet the demands of our customers we have created the eshop to make your purchases easier.

The eshop has been designed and evolved solely to sell performance car parts while making their delivery to the customer as easy as possible. The list of products in our webpage is a small sample of all the available parts, so if you are looking to buy something which is not included in our webpage, please inform us and we will do our best to help you in that department.

With a vast experience in car tuning and performance parts which started back in 2007 we have developed a broad network of relations both inside and outside of Greece, thus providing for you quick and reliable performance parts tailor made to meet your every demand.

For any further queries or questions about our products or our company please do not hesitate to contact us at +30 210 5903 376 or via email at