Performancebuiltparts.com recognizes the importance of the security of your Personal Data issue along with your online transactions and takes all the necessary precautions, using the most updated and advanced methods, so as to ensure the maximum safety possible.

All the information related to your personal data and your transactions are kept safe and confidential. Safety in our online shop is achieved through the following methods:

Customer Identification:

There are two codes in use for your identification:

  • The Entrance Code (e-mail or username) and
  • Your Personal Secret Safety Code (password).

These two elements provide access to your personal data in top safety.

You have the ability to change your Personal Secret Safety Code (password) as often as you wish.

You are the sole person to have access to your data through the above codes and you are strictly and exclusively responsible for the maintenance of its secrecy and concealment from third parties.

In case of loss or leak of password, you must contact us immediately, or else the online shop of Performancebuiltparts.com will not be liable for the use of your secret code from unauthorized persons.

For safety reasons, we advise you to change your password frequently and to avoid the use of the same and easily traceable codes (e.g date of birth).

Controlled Access (firewall)

Access to our systems (servers) is controlled by firewall, which allows the use of specific services from customers/users, forbidding at the same time, access to systems and data basis that contain confidential information of the company.

Transaction Confidential

Abidance by the confidential agreement is considered self-evident.

The same basic principles that bind the customary transactions are also applied in case of e-commerce (electronic commerce).

All information forwarded from the user/member is confidential in Performancebuiltparts.com and the company has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that its use takes place only up to the point where it is necessary in the framework of the services provided.

Here are some of the measures that have been taken:

  1. Only authorized employees have access to information of your transactions and only when necessary, e.g. for the processing of your applications.
  2. Performancebuiltparts.com does not disclose customers’ data or their transactions, unless you provide us with written authorization or this is imposed by a court decision or decision of any other public authority.
  3. In any case, the electronic shop of Performancebuiltparts.com does not reveal or publicize your personal data and the information you trust to us.
  4. The personal data that we have in our disposal after your member subscription are solely used for the execution of your transactions. All information is encrypted and kept in utmost safety.

Purchase with credit card through Eurobank

All credit card transactions (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners) are being carried out in a safe environment inside Eurobank. That means that no information of your credit card is kept in the server of Performancebuiltparts.com webpage.

Eurobank uses the communication protocol SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) along with the encryption up to 256bit, which ensures the safety of transactions through Internet.

2.Protection of Personal Data

During your visit in the pages of Performancebuiltparts.com and for the purpose of ordering products, along with the ensuring of communication with you so as to inform you about our new products, lies the possibility that you will be asked to declare personal data (name, profession, electronic mail, date of birth etc.).

Any personal data that you declare anywhere in the pages and services of Performancebuiltparts.com website, are exclusively destined for the ensuring of the functioning of the corresponding service and they are not allowed to be used by a third party, without compliance with the notification requirements laid down in Law No 2472/97 on the protection from processing personal data, as it is in effect each and every time.